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Strategic Director

Deacon Bradley

Strategic Director & Founder
- Online Advertising Specialist
- Sales Funnel Specialist
- Data & Analytics Specialist

Deacon Bradley is a digital marketer specializing in Facebook advertising. He has earned Digital Marketer's highest designation (CDMP) with training in all 8 core disciplines of digital marketing. In other words, you can be certain your paid traffic strategy will compliment your business's existing sales funnel and strategies.

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About Funnel Owl™

Here’s Who We Are & What We Believe:

Our Mission: To help businesses profitably and predictably scale WITHOUT sacrificing family time.

Funnel Owl was born out of a passion for systematically growing businesses by using smart & effective digital marketing techniques.

From the beginning we crafted our services to provide the maximum ROI to our clients. That means we aim to keep our fees low and our systems straight forward so more of your money goes to campaigns that put more leads and sales in your pipeline (and not to some high priced agency).

We LOVE digital marketing at Funnel Owl, and we believe the role of paid traffic in a business is to fuel and enhance your sales funnel (not compensate for not having one). We may spend our time crafting ad campaigns for clients, but we study the entire digital marketing stack to ensure our work effectively compliments the other roles at your business.

Most of all, the owls at Funnel Owl love to spend time with our families and PLAY! After all, the whole point of automated marketing campaigns is to free up your time, so we may as well enjoy it!

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